Stephanie grew up on the southernmost tip of the USA on the zany island of Key West. Some say she's crazy to ever leave "paradise" but her love for story telling and pizza brought her to the one and only New York City (Oh! With a quick pit stop at Rollins College for a BA in Acting first).  For Stephanie, there is just no creative thrill like jumping in someone else's life, thoughts, and shoes.  As a life long student of this strange medium she is diligent about discovering as much she can about it.  Recently she was getting inspired at Vance Barber's weekly on camera class and loving it. 


              On the side, she also enjoys copious amounts of  tv and movie "research" where she drives every one around her nuts by questioning camera angles and getting excited about line delivery.  Outside of the biz she enjoys a good cry from a cheesy romance novel and getting uncomfortably full from her quest to visit every restaurant in town.            


Stephanie Rivas